Sunday school at Agape is utilized to actively engage people in the purposeful and in-depth study of God’s Word. Sunday school for all ages, is held each Sunday from 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.


Fall Quarter 2014



UNIT I – The Days are Surely Coming
September 7th
A Vision of the Future
Bible Lesson: Jeremiah 30: 1-3, 18-22
September 14th
Bible Lesson: Jeremiah 31:31-37
September 21st
A New Future
Bible Lesson: Jeremiah 32: 2-9, 14-15
September 28th
Improbable Possibilities
Bible Lesson: Jeremiah 33: 2-11


UNIT II – Dark Nights of the Soul 
October 5th
Rejoice Anyway
Bible Lesson: Habakkuk 2:1-5, 3:17-19
October 12th
Even So, My Redeemer Lives
Bible Lesson: Job 19:1-7, 23-29
October 19th
Hope Complains
Bible Lesson: Job 24:1, 9-12,19-25
October 26th
Hope Satisfies
Bible Lesson: Job 42:1-10


UNIT III – Visions of Grandeur
November 2nd
God’s Divine Glory Returns
Bible Lesson: Ezekiel 43:1-12
November 9th
The Alter: A Sign of Hope
Bible Lesson: Ezekiel 43:13-21
November 16th
A Transforming Stream
Bible Lesson: Ezekiel 47:1,3-12
November 23rd
Transformation Continued
Bible Lesson: Ezekiel 47:13-23
November 30th
Let Zion Rejoice
Bible Lesson: Isaiah 52:1-2,7-12